About Us


Lillyco Accessories was founded in 2009 by Jane Bryer.

Designing and purchasing a wide range of contemporary and modern high quality fashion jewellery. Stocking store around Australia and New Zealand.

Jane has over 24 year’s experience in the fashion industry gaining experience on "what women want".

Jane philosophy for her product is for people to feel happy and good about themselves when they are wearing Lillyco Accessories jewellery. Complements go a long way towards how people feel, hopefully Lillyco can help its customer gain more compliments and feel happy in themselves.

In February 2009 Jane decided to attend the Sydney trade fair to apply to become an agent for a company in the fashion industry after being a sales manager for Big W, an area manager managing 11 stores for WestCo Jeans, managing stores for Jeans West then moving to Country Road but no one would give her a go, saying she didn't have enough sales experience!!!

While at the trade fair Jane fell in love with a jewellery label and purchased $1200 worth of silver plated fashion jewellery went home and threw a black table cloth on the table invited a few friends over and sold most of the jewellery. Jane decided to use her knowledge and start her own jewellery party plan business from home to have more flexible hours as she was a single mother of 2, Jake 6 and Olivia 5.

 Jane started goggling on the internet for a factory in Hong Kong or China to manufacture her own jewellery range. She found a company on the internet after weeks of search and place a $5000 order using up all of her savings after 8 weeks the jewellery was ready for shipment to Perth,Australia. She was very apprehensive hoping to receive beautiful stunning jewellery and not boxes of bricks from a company in Hong Kong. The shipment arrived and the boxes were packed full of beautiful stunning jewellery. This was a very emotional and exciting day not only for Jane but this was the start of her Lillyco Accessories Party Plan business. 

 By 2010 Jane had her own jewellery label LillyCo Accessories designing 40% of her range and importing the remaining 60%.

 In 2011 Jane change her business strategy and became a jewellery wholesale to get her brand out to the open market by doing this she appointing agents in SA, VIC, and QLD while Jane was the agent for WA and going out on the road she also run the day to day operations of the business and growing it every day.

 In August 2013 Jane hired the beautiful Jane Guest who worked for Jane 13 years previous to take on the role of dispatch and to manage the stockroom.

April 2014 was a very exciting time for Jane and Jane as Lillyco Accessories moved into its own warehouse/showroom in Ocean Keys,Clarkson WA after the jewellery had taken up 2 bedroom and the kid’s games room and even started to creep into the family room of her home.

 In July 2014 Lillyco Accessories became a company and now trades as Lillyco Accessories Australia PTY LTD and we are happy to say after gaining more experience and listening to "what women want" we designing 60% of our jewellery range and importing the remaining 40% and stock around 400 stores around Australia and around 80 in New Zealand.

 Not only has Jane’s business/work life been busy and being a mother of 2, she was happily married to Dave Bryer on the 24th of October 2014, yes 2014 was an extremity busy and exciting year for her and her family.

 Jane would like to thank her husband Dave, kids Jake and Olivia as Lillyco Accessories Australia PTY LTD wouldn't be as successful as it is today without their love and support. Thank you all very much and look forward to the future.

 Thank you to all the Lillyco customer out there for your support and the love of the brand we are working very hard at Lillyco to design gorgeous new ranges to launch every 8-10 weeks. 
Love LillyCo... xxx


 Jane Bryer

Managing Director/Owner
Lillyco Accessories Australia PTY LTD