Exclusivity agreement

Lillyco welcomes all new stockist enquiries and is happy to offer exclusivity to wholesale customers who are able to meet our criteria and sales expectations.

As an exclusive Lillyco stockist, you would be required to purchase a certain dollar spend depending on your store location (Please refer to locations below) and the frequency of orders shall not exceed an 8-week period.

To best represent Lillyco and to adequately showcase our collection, we require the representation of 50% of each of the Lillyco collections (Fine Jewellery Collection, Scarves and Pink Range)

Small Country towns expected spend - $3000 per annum
Large Country towns expected spend - $5000 per annum
City / Suburban location expected spend - $9000 per annum

Stockists requesting exclusivity will be reviewed in a case-by-case situation and the final decision is determined at the discretion of Lillyco management.